Twitter Eviscerates House Judiciary Over ‘Circus’ Strzok Hearing: ‘This is Why Congress is So Despised’


Political observers were far from impressed today when the House Judiciary Committee plunged into total madness during their hearing with Peter Strzok.

The FBI investigator was on Capitol Hill today to face questions about his controversial text messages and the allegations that his work was corrupted by bias against President Donald Trump. Strzok predictably defended himself from the charges against him, but as Congressional lawmakers tried to move things forward, they ended up descending into partisan infighting where they accused each other of breaking hearing rules, getting out of order, and working to score cheap political points.

While people are bound to have a difference of opinion on whether Strzok, Congressional Republicans or Congressional Democrats looked best in the end, it seems everyone can at least agree on the fact that today’s hearing was an absolute catastrophic meltdown:

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