Twitter Goes Nuts Over Bannon Ouster: ‘Wanted to Spend More Time Sucking His Own C*ck’


After days of rumors that he was on the outs in the Trump administration, the Drudge Report reported that White House chief strategist Steve Bannon was gone. The New York Times reported afterward that President Trump had told senior aides he had decided to remove Bannon from his role while Bannon insisted that it was his idea to leave.

This all comes in the wake of not only Bannon’s clashes with much of the rest of the West Wing, but also his explosive comments to left-wing outlet American Prospect in which he undermined Trump’s North Korea strategy, dismissed ethno-nationalism as a “fringe element” — while pushing Trump to focus on Confederate statues — and ripping his colleagues in the White House.

As one would expect with this huge news, there were all kinds of thoughts on Twitter.

Some jokes were made in relation to recent staff changes in the administration:

We also saw some takes on Bannon’s association with the alt-right, something that has gotten renewed attention post-Charlottesville:

There was the inevitable dumpster fire GIF:

Mediaite columnist John Ziegler threw out this take:

We got these observations from well-known reporters:

And, yes, some Scaramucci jokes were thrown around:

Finally, there was this ominous message from Breitbart editor Joel Pollak over the ex-Breitbart chief being pushed out of the White House (Bannon is expected to return to the outlet):

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