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I found out, this morning, that MSNBC is replaying its 9/11 coverage in realtime when I got this tweet from my old colleague, Mo Rocca:

MSNBC’s rerunning of 9/11 coverage (as it happened!) is not news. It’s death porn

For a variety of reasons, 9/11 is usually a TV-free day for me, with the exception of the observance of the moment of silence. As such, I had no idea that MSNBC had been doing this for the last four years, and that the decision to do so sprang from Mediaite creator Dan Abrams:

Four years ago I decided MSNBC should replay NBC’s 9/11 coverage all morning. They are still doing it 4 years later. What do you think?

My immediate reaction was revulsion. Turning on the TV and seeing that coverage in real time was like being hit in the face.
I was surprised when Dan tweeted that he was getting mixed reactions:

The Twitterverse seems divided about replaying the 9/11 coverage much the way we were in 2006 (with more believing it is worth it).

There is unquestionable historical value in seeing how that event was covered that day. The uncertainty, the fast-flying rumors, the gut-wrenching images, all serve to enunciate the true horror of the day in ways that hindsight accounts lac k.

Still, it is jarring to turn the channel and be thrust into that nightmare, unawares. Unfortunately, there’s no real way for MSNBC to issue a warning as you tune in.

I’ve found that reactions to 9/11 tend to be very individual, and very personal. For me, the images I carry from that day are more than enough. Here’s what folks on Twitter have been saying:

bookwomanblue@TommyXtopher I lived 9/11 and can’t stomach wat ching it again. Maybe it is different for people outside the tri-state area? #msnbcreplayabout 1 hour ago from web in reply to TommyXtopher

dibutler@TommyXtopher It is probably diff seeing this for those of us who didnt live thru it in NY. It is also important for those who are younger.about 1 hour ago from web in reply to TommyXtopher

tradepolicyguy: Watching MSNBC as=2 0they replay NBC’s coverage of 9/11. I’m glad that they do this every year
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philrj: @sjflynn Did MSNBC say they were going to replay the footage or is this just a big suprise to boost ratings? I want to vomit.
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CraigOchs: Dare I say kudos to @msnbc for being the only cable outlet to replay the actual events of 9/11. On now.
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rw09: #retrored Good question. I had my kids watch the replay on MSNBC while they got ready for school.
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scattoni: MSNBC replay of 9-11-01 coverage is brutal..
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: Every yr msnbc replay the horros of Sept 11. I can’t c how ppl can stand 2 watch as the memories r still fresh. Tell sum1 u love them 2day
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Slah3: @danielabrams MSNBC should move on and not replay the coverage – the other channels are showing memorial events with the President etc.
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TonyBruno: TV on MSNBC as they replay the coverage from the morning of September 11, 2001 in real time. I appreciate this tradition more than any other
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jwhite63: I have to admit that I am feeling sick to my stomach and have some anxiety, watching the replay of 9/11 on MSNBC.
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JoySims: MSNBC replaying 9/11 coverage from dark day. I’m a MSNBC fan, but IMHO not sure this replay helps our country’s healing/future.
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