Twitter Roundup: Funniest Reactions to Clinton’s Roosevelt Island Speech


hillary twitter reactionsSocial media is both wonderful and horrendous. The former because it lets everyday people share their creations, ideas or comments with an almost global audience. The latter — for the same reasons.

So of course Hillary Clinton‘s big campaign speech at Roosevelt Island was going to draw the best and worst Twitter had to offer on Saturday. Most were heavily politicized, partisan and not really worth the time. Many others, however, were downright wonderful — intentional and otherwise.

Here’s some of our favorites from across the political spectrum, including a smattering of sarcasm:

A constipated admission:

And a rather noticeable effort to capitalize on the situation:

There was plenty of meta-snark:

As well as a Disney Channel observation nobody probably would (or should) have noticed:

Not to mention bits of trivia from about the peanut gallery:

And reflections on the campaign’s official logo, a favorite target of the Internet:

But let’s be honest, everyone was thinking the same thing — when would Hillary just break out her rendition of “Domi Arigato, Clinton Roboto”?

So what’s the final Twitter verdict on Clinton’s campaign speech?

Only the hardest-hitting of takes on social media.

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