Twitter Rips Fox News, Breitbart for Moore Yearbook ‘Forgery’: ‘Willful Misinformation’


Conservative media is taking heat for grossly over-exaggerating a TV statement from one of Roy Moore‘s sexual abuse accusers.

Earlier today, Beverly Young Nelson appeared on Good Morning America, where she expressed concern that Alabama Republicans would put party over country by electing Moore to the senate despite the allegations against him. She also spoke about how her attorney, Gloria Allred, will hold a press conference today where they will present new evidence to bolster their claim that Moore signed her yearbook decades ago.

Nelson’s interview is gathering attention in media circles because she told Tom Llamas that she made notes on the same page of her yearbook that Moore signed. Allred previously said Moore wrote the whole note, but Nelson said today that she wrote in the date and location underneath Moore’s inscription.

Nelson’s annotation doesn’t necessarily compromise the core of her story, but it does invite skepticism from Moore defenders and those who cry foul on her allegations. Indeed, Breitbart is going down this path by declaring Nelson’s admission as proof that the whole yearbook entry is a forgery:

Shortly afterwards, Fox News decided to follow suit:

While a lot of people agree that Nelson’s note raises some questions, they are not impressed with Breitbart and Fox blowing things out proportion with a misleading headline:

UPDATE – 12:40 p.m. EST: Fox has amended their headline.

Watch above, via ABC.

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