‘Uh-Oh’: Trump’s Call With Taiwan Sets Twitter Ablaze


President-elect Donald Trump spoke with the president of Taiwan today, a move that probably won’t go over well with China, and the call really set Twitter off.

Former Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer‘s reaction wasn’t the most positive:

CNN National Security Correspondent Jim Sciutto tweeted about the potential consequences:

And one Democratic senator has so far weighed in on the big Trump foreign policy picture here:

And a lot of other people were just as mystified:

Over at The Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro offered this take on the potential upside and downside of Trump’s call:

If it represents ignorance and Trump has to walk it back, that would be a dramatically stupid move – it would undermine burgeoning American relations with China, then require a walkback that would damage relations with Taiwan and make America appear weak. If the move represents a Trumpian outreach to Taiwan on behalf of his businesses – Trump’s business has plans to construct a series of luxury hotels in Taiwan – that’s a problem, too.

But if this is a well-thought-out piece of foreign policy, then it’s a change that conservatives could welcome. China has been feeling its oats in the South China Sea for years under President Obama. They’ve been propping up the North Korean prison state for decades. They’ve been threatening Taiwan since 1949. Let’s hope that Trump isn’t just winging it.

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