Upstaged! New Hampshire’s Biggest Newspaper Puts Palin Over Romney On Today’s Front Page

It was supposed to be Mitt Romney‘s big day. With his carefully designed announcement speech surrounded by wholesome Americana, and a few sharp words about President Obama, Romney hoped to have at least one day driving the political narrative. Then the One Nation bus rolled into town with a flood of journalists in its wake, and somehow Romney got upstaged. As Talking Points Memo notes, the state’s largest–and most important–newspaper, the New Hampshire Union Leader, did put the Romney announcement on its front page. But the story was quite literally dwarfed by its banner coverage “Palin Hits the Seacoast.” As the sub-headline informs, Palin didn’t officially begin a campaign for the White House (as Romney did) but she did “stop by clambake” and visit a fisherman’s pier. Sorry, Mitt.

Romney was given a front page photo, TPM observes, but not much else:

Romney’s kickoff was reduced to a mere inset photo within text of the Palin piece, and a small headline, “Romney Announces.”

The caption text: “INSIDE: Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney announces his presidential candidacy Thursday in Stratham. Story, Page A3.”

Here’s the front page:

(h/t TPM)

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