VIDEO: Man With Nazi Armband Takes Knockout Punch to the Face in Seattle


A guy decided to walk around Seattle with a Nazi armband on Sunday, and within one hour of his photo being posted online, he was punched in the face and knocked out, according to Buzzfeed.

A photo of the man riding Seattle’s D line, with a red swastika armband, was first posted to Twitter by user @bigotbasher:

As Buzzfeed details, a number of anti-fascist social media accounts quickly got to work trying to identify the roaming neo-Nazi, with a few spotting him on the street in Seattle and claiming he was harassing pedestrians.

And then, moments later, a Facebook user posted a photo captioned “Just watched a Nazi get knocked the fuck out.”

The Facebook user told Buzzfeed he watched the whole ordeal unfold, but confessed he had “eaten over 800mg of THC and was way too high for confrontation.”

Of course, another passerby had his camera ready, and filmed the punch, which you can watch above.

It appears from the video that the neo-Nazi was engaged in some sort of verbal confrontation with a gaggle of people on the street.

Just before taking the knockout blow to the face, the neo-Nazi can be heard saying “they deserve welfare.”

As Buzzfeed notes, anti-fascists proceeded to celebrate the punch on social media.

This is not the first time Seattle locals have confronted right-wingers roaming the streets of the city yelling at pedestrians. Earlier this month, InfoWarrior Alex Jones ranted at a number of people on a Seattle street before being soaked in coffee.

[image via screengrab]

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