Video: The Line For Gasoline At One Inland New Jersey Gas Station

Unless you’re a New Jersey resident, it’s tough to understand the scope of Hurricane Sandy’s disruption. President Obama and Gov. Chris Christie took the nation on something of a tour of the hardest-hit areas in the state, but New Jersey is actually a pretty big place, and even in communities far from the shore, the storm has had unprecedented effects. As power outages have increased the demand for gasoline, even as they choke off the supply, police have been deployed to manage the long lines at gas stations all along the New Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway.

Here in Roselle Park, an inland borough a few miles from Newark, Hurricane Sandy’s winds have left a tiny patchwork of businesses that still have power, including just two gas stations, one of which ran dry Wednesday. The other station on Route 28 featured an hours-long line Thursday, well-behaved, but managed by Roselle Park Police. This is what life in New Jersey is like even for the lucky ones:

That station ran out of gas at around 4:30. There are many more gas stations in the area that presumably have ample supplies of gasoline, but no electricity with which to pump it.

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