Warren Tells Trump to ‘Put on Your Big-Boy Pants’ and Stop ‘Whining’ About Rigged Elections


warrenMassachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren got in a prebuttal to tonight’s presidential debate when she unleashed a new tweetstorm against Donald Trump.

Warren has long been viewed as one of the Democratic Party’s most forceful proponents, and she has sparred with Trump numerous times throughout the election cycle. On Wednesday, Warren went on the offensive and said that Trump is a “sore loser” who would rather shout about voter fraud and rigged elections instead of accepting the outcome for what it is:

Eventually, Warren turned her attention to the Republican Party, saying that Trump’s raving is a by-product of what they’ve been doing for years.

In her op-ed, Warren states that the GOP frequently pumps up voter fraud in order to create “manufactured hysteria” whenever they lose political power.

Numerous figures, including several conservatives, have stated that the evidence suggests that the election will be fair, and that Trump needs to re-focus on the issues.

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