Watch Frank Luntz’s Focus Group on Trump Go Totally Off The Rails: ‘This Just Exploded’


As part of a Vice News Tonight special on President Donald Trump‘s first year in office airing Friday night on HBO, Republican pollster Frank Luntz spoke to a focus group of Trump supporters. The conversation quickly devolved into yelling and conspiracy accusations, much to Luntz’s chagrin.

“I’m not one of the cult members who thinks everything he does is wonderful,” focus group member Paul Allen Kroll, an electrician, said. “Trump was right. He could literally kill somebody on Fifth Avenue, you would still love him.”

“Hillary’s already killed people,” another group member shot back.

A number of people then started talking over each other, and Luntz stopped the conversation.

“We were, what? Three minutes into this conversation? And this just exploded,” he said. “Every time I raise the issue of Donald Trump, every time, this is what happens.”

After positing that Trump’s presidency may have contributed to this incendiary type of political argument, many blamed the media and began speaking over each other again.

After some squabbling, retired educator Jean Anderson said: “I think he’s the best president we’ve ever had.”

“In one year?” Luntz asked incredulously.

“In one year,” she replied.

Watch above, via Vice News.

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