Rush Limbaugh Sneers at Democrats Over Shutdown Squabble: ‘Everybody’s Being Held Hostage’

As the nation’s leaders attempt to stave off government shutdown, Rush Limbaugh used much of his show today to scoff at Democrats and blame them for the current gridlock on government spending.

During his Friday program, Limbaugh cycled through several sound bites from 2013 where left-leaning figures condemned Republicans for holding the government “hostage” and forcing a shutdown. After Limbaugh ridiculed them for their comments back then, he fast-forwarded to this week’s debate and brought up similar statements where Democrats condemned Republicans for refusing to include DACA Dreamers protections as part of the new spending bill.

After that, Limbaugh took delight in the fact that Republicans are returning fire this time by accusing Democrats of holding the military and the rest of America hostage for the sake of undocumented immigrants.

“Now we’re just trading hostage threats. The Democrats say that we’re holding everybody hostage, now we’re returning fire that Democrats are holding everybody hostage. Everybody’s being held hostage, but at least we’re fighting back and reusing their term. Mulvaney calling it the ‘Schumer Shutdown,’ I like, but you can see folks why this is a little maddening and frustrating because it’s so predictable. You know it’s going to happen at some point because that’s all Democrats got.”

Listen above.

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