WATCH: Here’s What a Donald Trump Presidency Looks Like With Puppets


Donald Trump parodies are a dime a dozen these days, but Vanity Fair and the team behind the 2004 film Team America: World Police found a way to add something new to the pot. Enter “Hail to the Trump,” an online video series that imagines what the Trump presidency would look like. With marionettes.

“Thanks to advanced futurology algorithms and cutting-edge marionette technology,” Vanity Fair claims to have found a semi-accurate window into a future where Trump not only wins the Republican nomination, but the White House.

The first episode, “Welcome to the Oval Office,” sees Trump touring the famous room in the building’s west wing. And by “touring,” I mean “humping the desk” and complimenting a picture of Michelle Obama soon after. Outgoing President Barack Obama subsequently leaves, you know, to “give [Trump] a little moment” of “privacy.”

Over at The Daily Beast, “Kanye Attacks the Throne” flashes forward to Sept. 28, 2019, during a meeting between Trump and his tiara-wearing chief of staff. The premise? Kanye West‘s 2020 bid for the presidency has just garnered Janet Yellen‘s endorsement, and Trump is furious.

“Mo’ money, mo’ problems is not an economic policy,” says the president. “I know one thing about America. It would never elect a ridiculous, big-mouthed idiot as president.”

When the KardashiansNicki Minaj and other celebrities begin tweeting criticisms of Trump’s policies, however, the orange-haired puppet orders drone strikes on Calabasas, California.

They’re as ridiculous as they sound. Hopefully, these vignettes don’t come anywhere close to the actual truth.

[h/t Vanity Fair, The Daily Beast]
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