WATCH: This Woman Really Likes McNuggets. A Lot.


Consider this the week of impotent rage; a week where average citizens let their id take control and lash out against the banal injustices of modern day life. Like a Bonnie and Clyde for our era, these outlaws are condemned by society yet held aloft by the populace as shining beacons showing us the way. Showing us that things could be different, that things could be better. If Steven Slater is the Clyde Barrow of this still young century, then surely we can find his Bonnie Parker in Melodi Dushane, a woman who bravely fought back against the tyranny of McDonalds’ breakfast policy.

It happens to all of us. We’re heading home from a long night of hijinks and shenanigans, when all of a sudden we have a strong urge for Mr. McDonalds’ nuggets. Fortunately, the golden arches appear on the horizon and we turn the wheel, every second bringing us closer to our delicious conquest. But, no! Tragedy! The woman behind the counter crushes our dreams with the cruel decree: only breakfast is served at this hour. The weaker of us go to another restaurant or perhaps head home to sleep it off, but not Melodi Dushane! This courageous woman exited her vehicle and began punching the McDonalds employee in the face as a sign that, no, she’s not going to take this any longer!

The incident occurred early on New Years Eve Day but the dramatic security camera footage has only reached the internet yesterday where it can now be enjoyed by McNugget fans everywhere. While all of the punching and window smashing in the clip are fun, I really think my favorite part is the truck that pulls up after Dushane speeds off. While I’m assuming the guy probably stopped to help, I like to imagine that he just said, “Hey, you guys look busy but can I get my Sausage Biscuit now? I’m in a hurry.”

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