With Megyn Kelly Leaving Fox, We Need to Talk About Shannon Bream

screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-10-50-50-amYesterday, it was announced that after months of speculation and negotiation, Megyn Kelly will be leaving the network that made her a household name. With the reigning queen of cable news defecting from Fox, who will step up? We already floated a fun poll by you, but let’s focus on one person who could be the “sleeper candidate.”

Shannon Bream is a familiar face to Fox News fans and Mediaite readers. Some of the headlines this site has filed away under her tag include, “Fox Anchor Wonders When We’re Getting a Men’s History Museum,” ‘Fox Anchor Grills Hillary Surrogate over Emails: Doesn’t She ‘Have Herself to Blame?’,” and, “Fox Anchor Confronts O’Malley: Why Didn’t You List ISIS as a Priority During Debate?

Compare those soundbites to Kelly’s biggest hits on Mediaite like, “The (Race) War on Christmas: Megyn Kelly Declares ‘Santa Claus Just Is White’ and So Was Jesus,” and,  “Megyn Kelly: Hillary Clinton Was ‘Too Chicken’ to Come On My Show,”  and it starts to look like Bream really is the rightful heir to the throne.

She and Kelly have a lot in common too. Both women were lawyers before moving over to cable news and neither is interested in being just another pretty blond woman with a set of legs and big wardrobe budget. For proof, look how Bream responded to a Twitter users who said that “she … is all leg”:

Speaking of Twitter, a whole bunch of people on that platform are rooting for Bream.

It goes on like that.

What do you think? She has it all: clicky soundbites, tough questions, a law degree, and an already-devoted following. Is she the next 9:00 superstar? Might Tucker Carlson move up two hours so she could be the new face of 7:00? Or maybe another Fox lawyer, The Five co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle who has been widely discussed as a candidate, will get the nod? There are a lot of possibilities, but it remains to be seen what Fox brass will do.

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