‘Your Data Set Isn’t Your Problem?’: CNN Anchor Grills Man Who Claims Millions Illegally Voted


Earlier today, we were treated to the spectacle of CNN host Chris Cuomo creaming Gregg Phillips, a man who shortly after the election claimed that 3 million people illegally voted but has refused to provide any evidence to back up his assertions. Shortly after the interview, President Donald Trump cited Phillips and his organization in a tweet, who said he looked forward to seeing the final results.

This evening, Phillips appeared on CNN once again, this time to face off with John Berman, who was filling in for Anderson Cooper. Based on the craziness that witnessed in the morning interview, it was almost certainly a given that this one would be insane. And it was.

Just like Cuomo, Berman wanted to know if Phillips would provide any evidence, and just like Cuomo discovered, Phillips was unwilling to share anything. “We’re not prepared to release it,” Phillips said. “We’ll get it out as quick as we can.”

The CNN anchor pressed Phillips throughout, especially as the supposed researcher stated that the 3 million illegal votes he’s identified are all from non-citizens. After Phillips said “we don’t think so” while arguing with Berman about numbers and percentages, the host shot back.

“We don’t think so,” Berman stated, repeating Phillips claim, “Do you know so?

Following some more back-and-forth, Phillips told Berman “it’s not my problem” when challenged on why he wasn’t cross-checking his data.

“Your data set isn’t your problem,” a frustrated Berman asked. “But you’re the one producing it.”

Watch the exchange above, via CNN.

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