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Bill Maher Wants to Stop Being Reminded of Causes Like Black Lives Matter: ‘Hold the White Guilt Trip’

Comic and cultural critic Bill Maher took aim at the likes of Big Down Syndrome and Black Lives Matter, begging to stop being reminded of things that harsh his mellow during The Price is Right.

On Friday night’s edition of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, host Bill Maher devoted the climax of his “New Rules” segment to a five-minute rant against awareness campaigns, which interrupt his Zen-like enjoyment of football games and game shows.

Maher complained that in March alone, there are awareness campaigns for a raft of causes that include Down Syndrome, the HPV virus, colorectal cancer, and several others. He also complained that several different causes will often use the same color, which he finds triggering. He also griped at the pink versions of things that raise awareness for breast cancer, which causes him to consume alcohol.

“Crew members on the major airlines wear Black Lives Matter pins during the flight,” Maher complained, then quipped “You know, you can support a movement without constantly being reminded of it. Can I just get a rum and Coke, and hold the white guilt trip until we land?”

The merits of individual awareness campaigns are debatable — in many cases they serve to build support and/or remove stigma in addition to raising awareness — but the fact that they annoy Bill Maher is surely a feature, not a bug.

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