Kamala Harris Wrecks Trump Jr. For Mocking Her Laugh, Internet Points and Laughs


California Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris absolutely REKT Donald Trump Jr., as well as President Donald Trump, with a rejoinder to the First Son’s attempt to resurrect a sexist trope that was used against Hillary Clinton.

On Friday night, Junior tweeted a video from Senator Harris’ launch press conference that featured seconds of laughter, and wrote “Why is @KamalaHarris the only person that laughs at her jokes… always way to long and way too hard? The most disingenuous person in politics… after Hillary.”

The video was cut from a longer exchange in which a reporter noted “You’re an African American woman, but you’re also an Indian American woman,” to which Harris replied, with a laugh, “Indeed!”

The reporter asked how she identifies herself, and she said “As a proud American.”

The attack on Senator Harris’ laughter mirrored one of the many sexist tropes that were used against Hillary Clinton, a comparison that Don Jr. made explicit.

As it turned out, though, Senator Harris had a rejoinder for Junior that lots of people laughed at. She quickly shot back “You wouldn’t know a joke if one raised you.”

That tweet brought the virtual house down.

Some conservatives pointed out the senator’s current position in the polls, which makes you wonder why Donald Trump, Jr. is nervous enough to go after her like this.

Watch the full exchange from January above, via C-Span.

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