WATCH: Chris Cuomo Defends Trans CNN Protesters Against Ignorant Bill Maher


CNN anchor Chris Cuomo defended the trans women who protested CNN’s LGBTQ town hall when Real Time host Bill Maher attacked them for disrupting several of the candidates, including South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Cuomo was the featured interview on Friday night’s edition of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Maher complained about the fact that trans activists interrupted several of the Democratic candidates at CNN’s series of LGBTQ town halls a few weeks ago.

“I watched you on the LGBTQ Town Hall CNN had, this to me says a lot about the Democrats” Maher began. “Here are the Democrats doing a town hall just for the LGBT community, liberal people supporting this liberal principle, and they were interrupted by protesters who, I guess, thought they weren’t going far enough?”

“Beto, and Pete, who I believe has some credentials in the LGBT community, were both interrupted by people screaming, you know, ‘trans lives matter,’ no one was disputing this!” Maher said, and asked “What did you make of that?”

“Here’s what I made of it, because I was there, I got to see it,” Cuomo said. “First of all, what I loved seeing was not just the candidates, because they know they are being measured for how they deal with situations like that, but I thought that Anderson and Don Lemon, it happened for Anderson Cooper and Don lemon, in both of their segments, I loved that they respected the protests, because the transgender community specifically feels so targeted, I got why they’re upset.”

“But not by these people! Who are there to help!” Maher exclaimed.

“Yes, but what they saw was a chance to get their message out, and they really believe that they are being preyed upon, they are being hunted, and it was an opportunity for them to get a national audience to see that they are scared and they need help,” Cuomo said, adding “And I respect that.”

“Which is what the Democrats were doing, okay,” Maher grumbled.

“Lesson, I’m having to go after it, call things out where I don’t like it, that’s what my show is all about, but they need protection,” Cuomo said.

Good on Cuomo for setting Maher straight, even if he glossed over the fact that the most attention-getting disruption was an explicit protest of CNN’s handling of the forum.

But earlier in the interview, he praised Maher for the “razor-sharp” way he criticizes political correctness. I’m going to chalk that up to Cuomo not watching Maher’s show with any regularity, because among other things, Maher is a consistent and overt transphobe. Maybe that’ll give them something to talk about next time Cuomo is on.

Watch the clip above, via HBO.

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