Daily Wire Editor: ‘Jew-Hatred is Inherent in the European DNA’

Josh Hammer, the editor-at-large of Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire, claimed on Twitter, Tuesday, that “Jew-hatred is inherent in the European DNA,” before deleting the post.

Hammer made the comment in response to another Twitter post which claimed the European Union “is going to require political country of origin labeling for only two regions of the world and both of them are Israeli.”

Though Hammer swiftly deleted the post, it was saved by online archives.

The post wasn’t Hammer’s only controversial comment on Tuesday, with Hammer also claiming in a Twitter post that 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) is a “self-hater” who does “not speak for proud American Jews.”

Hammer’s post was described as “antisemitic” and “racist” by other journalists and media industry figures.

UPDATE: Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro responded to Mediaite’s request for comment, claiming, “I just spoke with him about it; he realized it was a bad tweet and deleted it before I even heard about it from you. He meant it metaphorically in the same way that Barack Obama was being metaphorical when he said racism was in America’s DNA, but he realized it could be misinterpreted and taken literally.”

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