Fox Reporter Calls Out Abusive Trump Crowd Booing Her, Fellow Reporters at Rally: ‘Such an Unfortunate Environment’


At President Donald Trump‘s campaign rally last week, the MAGA crowd abusively booed and taunted reporters, as they often do at Trump events, and on Sunday’s Media Buzz a Fox Business reporter was critical of that environment. She also noted she didn’t have anything identifying her as being from FBN, implying it might have acted as a shield with the crowd.

Host Howard Kurtz asked his panel about the media environment and criticism of the rally by the press, and about CNN and MSNBC cutting away during the event.

“CNN took about five minutes of it, and broke away,” said Kurtz. “They said, well, anchor John Berman said, ‘after about four minutes it was all about attacks on the media.'”

He asked Fox Business Network correspondent Kristina Partsinevelos, “How did it seem to you?” In her answer, Partsinevelos brought up the crowd’s hostility and the environment around the press.

“I think everybody was shocked at how much media was there. We were all on the riser, there were so many people, international media. I was surrounded by everyone,” she said. “The crowd was very animated.”

“However, several points throughout the night, not just from President Trump, everybody that spoke before him, did call out the media. And me standing there, I’m not holding any Fox Business anything, the entire crowd turned to boo,” she said describing the mass hate for the press. “One guy was taunting a reporter next to me, and I didn’t even know what network he was from.”

“That environment is just so unfortunate because you need journalists to decipher everything that we’re talking about all the time and, hopefully, you know, push out some wrongdoings and injustice, and it was unfortunate because it happened,” she said.

“There were also the chants of CNN sucks from the crowd,” added Kurtz, “which was at the time CNN happened to break away, I’m not saying that’s the reason.”

Kurtz added at the end of the segment an observation on the media and Trump, circling back to his earlier question about the networks cutting away.

“I’ve had people online, Trump haters who say, ‘why should they cover, why should they give this guy air time when he’s constantly attacking the press?'” he said. “We are supposed to cover presidents and presidential candidates fairly, even if those people are attacking us. That’s part of our job.”

A very accurate point.

In related news, President Trump brought up and complained about “fake news” in his interview with Chuck Todd that aired Sunday.

Watch the clip above, from Fox News Channel.

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