Jen Psaki Airs Video of Lauren Boebert Being Told She’s Too Late to Cast Vote: ‘I Can’t Stop Watching That’


MSNBC’s Jen Psaki had a grand old time watching footage of Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) frantically running up the Capitol steps to vote against a bill, only to learn voting had already closed.

Last week, the House and Senate passed a bill that suspends the debt ceiling for two years and imposes stricter work requirements for welfare recipients. Boebert vociferously announced her intention to vote against the measure, which she said did not go far enough to cut spending. However, after the congresswoman failed to cast a vote, she claimed she did so as a protest against the legislation.

But video posted on Twitter shows that Boebert actually intended to vote.

Filling in for Chris Hayes on Monday’s All In, Psaki explained the mini-drama.

“So, it seemed a bit strange when Lauren Boebert just didn’t show up at all to vote on Wednesday,” she said. “Over the weekend, the [congresswoman] posted a video claiming she skipped the vote in protest.”

Psaki aired a clip of Boebert on Twitter claiming why she did not vote.

“I was ticked off they wouldn’t let me do my job,” Boebert said. “So I didn’t take the vote. Once again, Washington’s power machine shoved a multi-trillion dollar bill down our throats, refused to allow debate or amendment, disregarded everything we fought for in January to actually allow representatives to do their jobs.”

She called the bill “a crap sandwich.”

“But as it turns out, that doesn’t seem to be actually what happened,” Psaki said. “A Capitol Hill producer caught Lauren Boebert on tape frantically running into the building Wednesday evening – too late to vote.”

She showed the clip, posted on Twitter by CNN’s Morgan Rimmer.

It shows Boebert running up the steps when Rimmer says, “They just closed it.”

“They closed it?” Boebert asks, almost in disbelief.

“Yeah,” Rimmer tells her, as Boebert continues running up the steps.

“I can’t stop watching that,” Psaki said. “And Boebert actually admitted that she was late and missed the vote on the congressional record saying that she was ‘unavoidably detained.'”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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