Andrea Mitchell Says ‘Not A Single One’ of the Squad is a Socialist . . . Somehow Missing that AOC is Totally a Socialist


MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell was baffled on Thursday by the fact that the word “socialist” was among the most searched terms at Merriam-Webster during President Donald Trump’s rally, during which he bashed Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar. Not that people needed a dictionary for the term, but that they were interested in it at all, since it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the congresswomen, according to Mitchell.

“The President did call out these congresswomen by name,” said Mitchell, introducing the tweet from Merriam-Webster which listed socialism among their top searches.

“Now, first of all, none of these members of Congress are socialists, but that is the way the Republican leadership wants to frame this election face-off,” said Mitchell, essentially calling this fake news.

“There’s not a single member of these congressional representatives who are avowed socialists,” said Mitchell, “so I don’t know where that is coming from other than opposition research.”

Apparently, opposition research is more comprehensive than MSNBC’s, because she missed a big fact.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an outspoken member of the group Democratic Socialists of America, the “largest socialist organization in the United States” according to their own description, a fact which has been in no way mysterious and was featured in profiles on the Congresswoman by everyone from the Daily Beast to the New York Times. In fact, the membership in the group famously surged after her victory in November, so well-known is her association with the group and the label. She also self-identifies as a “Democratic Socialist” and argues the concepts on Twitter.

Just a few months ago AOC made news for telling a SXSW audience that “capitalism is irredeemable” and argued that the socialism trend among Democrats is not only a good and fair thing, but that it’s an expression of Democracy. She likewise promoted “democratic socialism” during her appearance with Stephen Colbert just a few weeks ago.

Mitchell obviously just assumed that because it was said by a Republican it must be untrue, and so didn’t bother to check.

Next, in the clip above, she argues that Rep. Ilhan Omar shouldn’t be “defined” by her anti-Semitic comments from the past, and her guests seem to agree.

Watch above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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