Newt Gingrich Refuses to Answer if Trump Abused Power in Clash With Fox’s Tarlov: ‘This is Insane’


Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich refused to answer if President Donald Trump had abused his powers in his controversial call with the president of Ukraine in an appearance on Fox News Monday.

In the middle of a heated argument with Fox News contributor Jessica Tarlov on Outnumbered, Gingrich repeatedly would not answer her question.

“Speaker, what do you make of congressman Schiff’s ‘parody’? Was it a parody or was it an attempt to mislead?” asked Outnumbered‘s Lisa Boothe to Gingrich, prompting him to reply, “I think he’s lost his mind.”

“By opening up this hearing by reading something which he claimed initially was what Trump had said in the phone call, and then admitted it was total fiction that he made up, I think that it was remarkably self-destructive,” Gingrich continued.

Tarlov disagreed, declaring, “I think it was more of a grandstanding moment than it was any attempt to really create a false narrative.”

“I wasn’t a fan of it, I thought it did damage to his cause. I think we do have enough to move forward with articles of impeachment based on the call, the whistleblower complaint, the text messages between Bill Taylor et cetera,” she said, before accusing Republicans of misleading about the nature of the impeachment inquiry.

“Adam Schiff is working right now without a special counsel report, and he has made it perfectly clear that what they are doing is to ensure that witnesses who are going to be coming before the committee don’t hear what the other one is saying. I don’t see how he could do it any other way,” Tarlov said.

Gingrich responded to Tarlov’s comments by remarking, “This is insane. First of all, the other two are independent counsel, so was Robert Mueller.”

“But that has nothing to do with the impeachable offenses on the table right now,” interrupted Tarlov.

“No. No. But if they wanted to they could call an independent counsel about Ukraine. They didn’t want to,” Gingrich shot back. “They’re operating on Nancy Pelosi’s timeline, driven by AOC and ‘The Squad’ to do something to go after Donald Trump.”

Tarlov questioned: “You have no problem with President Trump asking a foreign power to dig up dirt on his opponent? And withholding aid? Do you have a problem with it, do you think it’s an abuse of power?”

Gingrich refused to answer the question, replying, “First of all, the whistleblower knew nothing, okay?”

“That’s not true,” claimed Tarlov, as Gingrich declared, “The whistleblower had no firsthand knowledge. None.”

“The DNI said that he had vetted the claim and spent two weeks doing that and had confirmed it. Do you think it’s an abuse of power?” Tarlov asked one again, as Gingrich turned to Boothe who moved on.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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