Steve Doocy Counters Dem Candidate Jay Inslee: No One Blamed Flooding on Climate Change 50 Years Ago


Fox & Friends has invited every Democratic presidential hopeful to appear for a discussion and credit to Washington Governor Jay Inslee and host Steve Doocy for a segment that one doesn’t typically see on the right-of-center opinion program.

Inslee is known for taking an active and progressive position on the challenges we face from climate change, a topic which often gets mocked on President Donald Trump’s favorite morning show, especially in light of the recent Green New Deal resolution.  So when the topic of environmental science came up, the segment really picked up.

Doocy asked about the great expense that the Green New Deal brings (though the estimate of $93 Trillion that has been oft-cited is remarkably over-the-top.) Inslee explained that the greater expense is regular Americans having to deal with the rash of recent environmental disasters such as wildfires and floods.

Doocy seemed surprised by that line of thinking, asking “are you suggesting that climate change is why there is flooding in Nebraska right now?”

Inslee replied in a manner rarely heard on Fox & Friends, saying “science is abundantly clear on this. We need a president that believes in science and gravity. And the climate change modeling by the scientists is clear. Its gonna cause more forest fires and flooding and in many cases more drought. We’re getting it on both ends here.” He continued to ridicule President Donald Trump’s position on climate change in a remarkable manner for a Fox News show.

But Doocy didn’t let it stand and politely countered by stating that he “grew up in Kansas which is right next to Nebraska. I remember 50 years ago the flooding then. So I don’t know that people are talking about climate change back then.”

Inslee replied “They weren’t. They weren’t. But they’re talking about it now.”

Inslee’s polling numbers remain remarkably low, but he explained that he plans to raise those numbers by doing things like going on Fox & Friends (and ostensibly getting Mediate posts like this!)

Watch above via Fox News.

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