Trump Campaign Demands Brian Stelter Apologize, Claiming Interview With Adviser Was ‘Sexist’


President Donald Trump’s campaign is demanding an apology from CNN and Brian Stelter after a heated interview with Trump legal adviser Jenna Ellis on Sunday.

The campaign claimed the interview on Reliable Sources was “sexist” and “demeaning,” pointing to comments from Stelter to Ellis that, “someday you’re going to regret this, when your kids and grandkids look back at this time and you use slurs to hurt news outlets.” That was in response to Ellis referencing the “fake news media.”

The 13-minute, explosive exchange between Stelter and Ellis was prompted by the Trump campaign sending a cease and desist letter to CNN last week after a poll showed former Vice President Joe Biden up 14 points to Trump. When Stelter asked about the legal claim, Ellis went on a tirade against the network.

“The only reason CNN published this because it’s junk science,” Ellis said on air, before calling CNN “activism” and “fake news.”

“Your comment about polling and industry standards is totally false,” Stelter said. “It’s important to interrupt when you share fake information.”

The back-and-forth also got awkward when Ellis dodged a question about a Trump tweet calling out Comcast and MSNBC. Ellis claimed she and the CNN host had agreed beforehand to only stick to “certain topics.”

Following the interview, Ellis continued the fight on Twitter after posting a poll showing Trump and Biden in a statistical tie in Arkansas. Trump won Arkansas by 27 percent in the 2016 election against Hilary Clinton. Ellis then deleted the original tweet and posted a different poll more favorable to Trump.

“This kind of on-air meltdown and lashing out is completely unprofessional, yet it’s what we’ve come to expect from the leftists who hate President Trump,” campaign deputy communications director Ali Pardo said in a statement. “It would be great if so-called journalists would refrain from personal attacks and putting words in the mouths of the children and grandchildren of strong, smart, and independent women.”

“We condemn Brian Stelter’s behavior and call on CNN and Stelter to apologize,” she concluded.

Stelter declined to comment about the Trump campaign’s statement.

Watch above, via CNN.

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