comScore New Video Shows Justin Trudeau in 3rd Instance of Blackface

WATCH: New Video Shows Canadian PM Justin Trudeau in THIRD Instance of Blackface

There is now a third confirmed incident of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau having worn blackface.

Global News has obtained video of Trudeau in black makeup, making faces and throwing his hands in the air. The news agency said they obtained the video earlier in the week, but during their efforts to verify the time, place and whether it was Trudeau, a member of the Liberal campaign confirmed it was the prime minister.

Trudeau is currently under fire due to revelations that he wore black and brownface makeup multiple times in the past. The first one was unearthed from a party photo in West Point Grey Academy’s 2001 school yearbook, and Trudeau admitted to another incident where he wore makeup during a high school talent show performance of Harry Belafonte‘s Banana Boat Song.

Trudeau addressed the controversy with reporters on Wednesday night, saying “I deeply regret that I did that. I should’ve known better. But I didn’t.”

Watch video above courtesy of Global News.

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