WATCH: Trump Supporter in MAGA Hat Spat on During Interview With Vice


A supporter of President Donald Trump was spat in the face during an interview with Vice News outside of a Trump rally in Minneapolis, Friday.

Dave Carlson, a rallygoer from Minnesota who was wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat, was spat on by an anti-Trump protester off camera.

“I’m fine,” the man declared after the attack, while the interviewer stood shocked.

One anti-Trump protester came up to him and said, “Sir, I’m sorry that happened to you,” while another said the attack was “disrespectful,” but also tried to justify it by claiming the man’s hat was “disrespectful” too.

Vice News DC Correspondent Elizabeth Landers, who interviewed the man, wrote on Twitter after the incident, “I interview a lot of the President’s supporters at rallies & have never seen this before. (My reaction gives that away quickly).”

“This kind of thing happens to [Donald Trump] supporters every day. We can all disagree. That’s the beauty of America but that disagreement should not result in assault,” responded Trump 2020 Deputy Communications Director Erin Perrine. “This supporter handles it with such class. I hope every reporter gets to see who our supporters are.”

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