Discuss: Why Dems Like Journalists and Repubs Don’t


According to a recent Rasmussen poll, there’s a strong connection between individuals’ political leanings and their attitudes towards the media overall. “While 58% of Democrats view journalists favorably, 70% of Republicans and 55% of unaffiliateds do not.”

Overall, 43% of Americans have a favorable view of journalists, versus 54% who don’t — although twice as many have “very favorable” views of them as “very unfavorable.”

One curious aspect of these numbers is that by some metrics, conservative anchors and talkers are the media right now: recently, Fox News topped CNN, HLN, and MSNBC combined in primetime viewership, and the likes of Air America can’t compete with the number of listeners drummed up by conservative talk radio.

Rather than pontificate about where exactly the poll results are coming from, we’re opening it up to you. What do you think these numbers mean? What do Democrats value about journalists that Republicans don’t? Does the media have a liberal or conservative bias, or neither? And how do you explain the Republican media disapproval/Fox News paradox?

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