Mitt Romney Responds To Bullying Allegations On Your World With Neil Cavuto

As we reported earlier Thursday, allegations have come out that presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney bullied a prep-school classmate years ago. Moments ago, Romney responded to those allegations on Your World with Neil Cavuto, saying he is sorry if he hurt anyone.

Cavuto noted that the timing of the story “could have been coincidental” but asked Romney to comment on the allegations that he led a hazing incident against a suspected homosexual classmate, in which Romney and friends held the student down and cut his hair.

Romney’s response:

First of all, I had no idea what that individual’s sexual orientation might be. Going back to the 1960’s, that wasn’t something we all discussed or considered. So that’s simply just not accurate. I don’t recall the incident myself but I’ve seen the reports and not going argue with that. There’s no question that I did some stupid things in high school and, obviously, if I hurt anyone by virtue of that I would be very sorry for it and apologize for it.

Cavuto then asked Romney whether he thinks this is a deliberately planted story designed to distract voters from real economic issues. “You’re going to find, throughout this campaign season, that the president’s team will be doing everything in their power to try and hold up very shiny objects,” Romney replied.

Check out the segment below, via Fox News:

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