Tucker Carlson: I Think Roy Moore’s Accusers Sound Credible, But It’s Hard to Trust WaPo

On Friday night, Tucker Carlson expressed how he was torn about The Washington Post bombshell on Roy Moore.

Speaking with radio talk show host Tammy Bruce, Carlson said that some of the accusations made against the GOP Senate candidate “sounds true” to him, nothing they went on the record and have no “political animus.”

“The problem is that I, and I think a lot of other people, so distrust the media that even when maybe what they’re reporting is correct, it’s hard to know exactly,” the Fox News host stated. “And maybe that’s one of the cost of the press just abandoning objectivity completely. Nobody believes anything any more.”

Bruce agreed with his sentiment, noting that many voters in Alabama believe this is an “establishment hit job” and many have dismissed the molestation allegations.

The Washington Post has been really exclusively political,” she continued. “They endorsed of course the Democrat. They are obviously very against the president and Republicans. So they’ve been very politically active. They don’t have I think the credibility of being just reporters and people who report the news. It’s very much like a political blog.”

“It’s a shame!” Carlson reacted. “I thought their story sounded credible to me. I don’t have any other information, but if you took ‘The Washington Post‘ off- you’ve got women on the record. I take that seriously. And I think that’s horrible, disqualifying behavior if true. The fact The Post printed it- it just shows when you devalue your credibility over time, there’s a cost to that.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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