Fox’s Geraldo Rivera Admits Trump ‘Probably’ Had a Quid Pro Quo with Ukraine


Geraldo Rivera Tweets Odd Threat on Trump Impeachment: 'You'll Have to Come Through Me'

Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera conceded to Mediaite founder Dan Abrams that there was “probably” a quid pro quo between President Donald Trump and Ukraine

On Sirius XM’s The Dan Abrams Show, Abrams asked “even if impeachment sucks, can you agree that of course he was withholding the aid and the White House visit?”

“Probably, probably,” Rivera responded.

Rivera had previously agreed a “reasonable person” would believe Trump did nothing wrong in asking about Joe Biden on the call, arguing the Democrats were railroading Trump into impeachment.

Rivera has also thrown cold water on the idea that Trump pressured Ukraine, arguing it was more like a real estate deal for Trump.

Rivera went on to explain that this seems like a normal part of policy-making to him.

“If you don’t think there’s this kind of backroom wrangling almost every time with Israel, with Albania with Australia – of course there is,” Rivera continued pointing to Mick Mulvaney admitting to a quid pro quo in Ukraine (Mulvaney later walked that back).

“What’s different here is the president is surrounded by snitches and backstabbers and rats and snakes, and everything he does is construed in the most evil way possible,” Rivera said.

Listen above, via Sirius XM.

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