Curt Schilling Trends After Deleting His Twitter Account Following Bubba Wallace Tweets


Former World Series MVP and Breitbart News host Curt Schilling trended on Twitter Tuesday afternoon after he deleted his account following a back-and-forth with All-Star pitcher Trevor Bauer about NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace.

Schilling, an outspoken Trump supporter, has posted occasional racist and controversial comments on social media before. He’s accused outfielder Adam Jones of lying about being called the N-word, appeared on Hannity to call former ESPN host Jemele Hill racist, and said conservatives were “afraid” to work at ESPN, among other headline-grabbing comments.

In January 2019, Schilling also told Mark Levin that part of the reason he’s not in the MLB Hall of Fame is because he’s a Trump supporter. Schilling is a six-time All-Star pitcher with a 3.46 career ERA.

On Monday night, Bauer and World Series champion Aubrey Huff began to beef on Twitter over MLB’s restart plan and several racist tweets involving Wallace from Huff. Schilling joined the argument, boasting his accolades and length of his career while attacking specific parts of Bauer’s situation with the Cincinnati Reds. Almost immediately, Bauer shot back.

Before attacking Bauer specifically, Schilling tweeted that Wallace was “Jussie Smollett 2.0,” a reference to the FBI finding that a potential hate crime was not committed against Wallace, per its findings. “Where is the media recanting their idiocy?” Schilling asked.

It’s unclear what specifically triggered Schilling to deactivate his account, but people still had a lot to say on Twitter after he left.

Some speculated why Schilling left the platform, including MLB writer Mark Newman who believes that his 2021 Hall of Fame vote could have been a reason.

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