Aaron Alexis

Navy Yard Shooter Lied About Arrest, Debts in Background Check

Dem. Strategist Pushes Gun Laws Saying Navy Yard Personnel ‘Just Stood Around and Watched’

NRA’s LaPierre on Navy Yard Shooting: ‘There Weren’t Enough Good Guys With Guns’

Same Government Contractor Vetted Both Snowden and Aaron Alexis

‘He Must Be Paranoid’: Family Describes Bizarre Encounter with Aaron Alexis on CNN

Virginia State Law Prohibited Navy Yard Shooter Aaron Alexis From Buying Ninja Stars

SWAT Team ‘Stood Down’ During Navy Yard Shooting, According to Report

Police Reported to Navy That Aaron Alexis Was ‘Hearing Voices’ Weeks Before Navy Yard Shooting

Grand Theft Auto in the Crosshairs: The Media’s Predictable Scapegoating

Navy Yard Shooter’s Mom Speaks Out: ‘Glad’ Aaron ‘Can No Longer Do Harm to Anyone’

Report: Navy Yard Shooter Aaron Alexis Test-Fired AR-15, State Law Prevented Purchase

President Obama Tells Telemundo Navy Yard Shooting Shows Need for Tighter Background Checks

Recalled CO State Sen. Tells Chris Hayes Navy Yard Shooter Probably Wouldn’t Pass Background Check

How the Washington Navy Yard Mass Shooting Became a Glorious Victory for the AR-15

‘He Was More of a Liberal Type’: CNN Guest Identifies Aaron Alexis as Having ‘Liked’ Obama Admin

Fox’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Forget Gun Control, What About Video Game Control?

Huh? CNN Anchors Suggest Aaron Alexis’ Violence ‘Doesn’t Square With’ Buddhism

Fox: Aaron Alexis Was Arrested, Demoted by Navy in 2008

CNN’s Don Lemon: ‘Black Community Must Take Serious Look at Mental Health’ Issues

The Media on Activist Autopilot with Embarrassing, Preemptive AR-15 Bashing

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