Affordable Care Act

President Trump’s Health Care Press Event Boasts Nearly Exclusive White Audience

Obama Notes the ‘Fragility’ of Progress in First Speech After Vote to Repeal ACA

WATCH LIVE: House of Representatives Holds New Vote on Health Care Bill

‘Exactly Why We Fought So Hard For the ACA’: Obama Praises Jimmy Kimmel’s Monologue on Son’s Surgery

WATCH LIVE: House of Representatives Votes on the American Health Care Act

‘There Is No Good News About Obamacare’: Trump Hammers ‘Fake News,’ Offers Support For GOP Healthcare Plan

Trump’s Threats to Conservatives on Healthcare Should Not Be Taken Seriously, Unless…

Trump Says Obamacare Will be Just Like Obama: ‘People Like Him’ Now That He’s Gone

Nancy Pelosi: Obamacare Was ‘One of the Most Transparent Drafting Processes in Recent Memory’

In Spite of Many Opposing It, Spicer Says GOP’s ACA Replacement Is What ‘Everyone’ Asked For

Demsplaining: House Democratic Leader Lectures Statue of Abraham Lincoln

Marco Rubio Has Sure Changed His Tune When It Comes to Town Hall Healthcare Protesters

Mike Pence Blames Recent Town Hall Unrest on ‘Liberal Activists’

Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders to Debate Obamacare Live on CNN

Poll: For the First Time Since ’09, More Americans Think Obamacare is a Good Idea Than a Bad Idea

Dem Senator Won’t Attend Obama Meeting to Save Obamacare: ‘I Just Can’t, In Good Conscience’

Thanks Obama! Uninsured Rate Drops Below 9 Percent For First Time In History

Mitt Romney: Obamacare Wouldn’t Have Happened Without Romneycare

Obama Goes Grey in Last Week Tonight‘s ‘End of Obamacare’ Montage

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Made Its Way to Senate Floor to Describe Republicans

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