‘Neocon Lies’: Ron Paul Claims Iraq War Created Al Qaeda

Iowa State U. Professor Asks For Essay on 9/11 From Terrorists’ Point of View

Steve Bannon Makes Headlines — In Terrorist Newspaper

FBI: Ohio State Attacker Believed to Have Been Inspired By ISIS, Al-Qaeda

Al Qaeda Advises Followers to Kill Whites, Avoid Targeting Minorities

FBI Investigating Link Between San Bernardino Explosive Device and al-Qaeda Magazine

Oops: TV Newscast Confused Star Wars Logo for al-Qaeda Logo

US Intel Analysts: Our Terrorism Reports Are Being Altered to Fit Administration’s Narrative

Canadian Magazine Puts Convicted Terrorist, Former Guantanamo Inmate On November Cover

Joe Scarborough Dumbfounded to Learn That Donald Trump Predicted 9/11

Chattanooga Shooter Followed, Downloaded Recordings from Al-Qaeda Cleric

Osama bin Laden’s Documents Reveals Actual al Qaeda Application Form

‘We’re in a Goddamn Freefall!’: Former Ambassador on Obama Foreign Policy

NY Times Reveals How CIA Money Ended Up in Hands of al Qaeda

Robert Gates: ‘Unrealistic’ to Say We Will ‘Destroy’ Al Qaeda, the Taliban

FBI Chief Was Right to Slam ‘Disgusting’ NY Times Decision to Use Anonymous Al Qaeda Source

Suspects Named in Charlie Hebdo Massacre; 1 Formerly Convicted of Terrorism

‘Al Qaeda’ Wi-Fi Network Sets Off LAX Security Scare

Glenn Beck Worries al-Qaeda Might Use Ebola as Weapon Against the U.S.

Jon Karl Grills Earnest: How Can WH Keep Claiming al-Qaeda Was Decimated?

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