American Jobs Act

Wolf Blitzer, Erin Burnett, And Piers Morgan Abet Mitt Romney’s $5 Trillion Lie, Stephanie Cutter Assists

President Obama Tells Supporters ‘Don’t Boo. Vote!’

President Obama Calls Out Mitt Romney And Congress Over Weak Jobs Report

January Jobs Report Brings Good News For The Economy…And Bad News For Republicans

Republican Ruh-Roh: Economy Looking Up Despite Obstruction

New Poll Shows Good News For Herman Cain, Better News For President Obama

President Obama Ridicules Congress For Wasting Time With ‘In God We Trust’ Vote

David Gregory Backs Off ‘Obama Got Everything He Wanted & It Didn’t Work’ In Plouffe Interview

Jay Carney Zings Herman Cain And Congress’ 9% Approval: Not ‘The Kind Of Nine That They Want’

Morning Joe Intensely Debates Paul Ryan’s Charge Of White House Class Warfare

Classless Warfare: Rep. Paul Ryan Accuses President Obama Of ‘Sowing Social Unrest’

President Obama Tells Jake Tapper He’s Not Worried About GOP Race

Rick Perry, America’s Jobs Governor, Promises 1.25M Additional Jobs In 19 Years

Thom Hartmann Mocks Florida Republican’s ‘Job Creation Plan’: Dwarf Tossing

Ed Schultz And Dylan Ratigan Make Up: ‘We’re Two Dogs In The Yard’

What Is President Obama Shoveling Us? Shovel-Ready Jobs Are Stuck In The Dirt

Epic: Ed Schultz And Dylan Ratigan Battle Over Obama Jobs Bill

Jay Carney Smacks Down GOP Attempt To Turn Warren Buffett Against The ‘Buffett Rule’

Eric Cantor Promotes Video Falsely Implying Warren Buffett Doesn’t Support ‘Buffet Rule’

As Republicans Approach The Ropes On Jobs Bill, Democrats Reach For The Towel

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