Daily Mail Columnist Goes on Epic Anti-Merkel Rant: ‘She Could Murder Both Her Parents in the Night’


With all eyes on the White House as President Donald Trump prepares to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Fox Business invited Daily Mail columnist Katie Hopkins to give her opinion of what may come out of their discussions.

Hopkins certainly was not short of opinions.

“Uhhh,” she opened dramatically, when asked by host Stuart Varney about her thoughts on the meeting. “It’s going to be the most awkward meeting of all time. It’s going to be the political equivalent of having your ex-wife at a wedding.”

But Hopkins was just getting warmed up.

“It is going to be horrible, these two could not be more opposite,” she continued. “He’s flamboyant, she could murder both her parents in the night and eat their livers for breakfast and you would never know.”

Varney appeared temporarily stunned by the characterization.

“I’m sure they’ll be smiles,” he offered meekly.

“Merkel never smiles,” Hopkins shot back. “She travels with a wardrobe assistant specifically tasked to keep her looking boring.” Hopkins also accused the chancellor of using a “famous Illuminati gesture” when she speaks.

For good measure, Hopkins also suggested that Merkel was too poor to engage with Trump anyway.

“I don’t mind about money, I just use it to keep score,” she said, loosely quoting Trump’s The Art of the Deal. “Now is a good time to remember that Angela Merkel is worth $11.5 million and actually Trump is worth $3.7 billion. So I think maybe he wins already on this one”

“That was a remarkable segment, Katie Hopkins,” Varney said.

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