Cruz: Religious Liberty Persecuted Thanks to ‘Illegitimate’ and ‘Lawless’ Gay Marriage Decision

5,000 Naked Anti-LGBT Protesters Will Greet President Obama in Kenya

Antigay Michigan Pastor Outed by Grindr Messages

High Schoolers Allegedly Hold ‘Anti-Gay Day,’ Complete with Coordinated Flannel

Alabama High School Coach Suspended Following Rant About ‘Fat Butt Michelle Obama’

Activist Booted Off CNN Goes On Anti-Gay Rant: ‘This Is What The Gay Gestapo Looks Like In Action’

CNN Anchor Battles Anti-Gay Activist, Kicks Him Off After He Trashes ‘Toxic’ Homosexuality

Tony Perkins To O’Reilly: Southern Poverty Law Center’s ‘Hate Group’ Label Gave Shooter ‘License’

Anti-Gay Marriage Org Claims General Mills’ ‘Live Better America’ Is Cover For ‘Redefinition Of Marriage’

Freedom Of Speech, Religion And Chicken Sandwiches: Respecting Differences Of Opinion

Anti-Gay Group Weighs Boycott Against Google Over ‘Legalize Love’ Campaign

Tony Perkins Distances Himself From Rand Paul’s Obama ‘Gayer’ Joke: Not ‘A Laughing Matter’

Rep. Allen West: LGBT Workplace Discrimination ‘Don’t Happen Out Here In’ America

Hannity Panel Counters Romney Bullying Story By Peering Into Obama’s Bullying

Former Romney Classmate Describes ‘Pack Of Dogs’ Who Were ‘Bullying Supreme’

Lawrence O’Donnell Slams Preacher Who Advised Parents To Give ‘Good Punch’ To Gay Kids

Evangelical Preacher’s Advice To Parents Of Gay Kids: ‘Give Him A Good Punch’

Bill O’Reilly: Karma May Have Caught Up With CNN’s Roland Martin

Rosie O’Donnell Tells Piers Morgan ‘We’re A Backwards Nation In Many Ways’

Report: Newt Gingrich Tells Gay Iowa Voter To Support President Obama

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