Why Did Donald Trump Disrespect the Memory of All Those Soldiers Who Died in Iraq?


White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer addressed criticism of the recent Donald Trump-authorized Yemen raid Wednesday, a raid in which, according to New York Times, “almost everything that could go wrong did go wrong.”

When asked about the raid — which left a Navy SEAL and several civilians dead — Spicer attacked anyone who would question its success, including Senator John McCain. “It’s absolutely a success,” he said. “And I think anyone who suggests it’s not a success does disservice to the life of Chief Ryan Owens… I think anybody who undermines the success of the raid owes an apology and a disservice to the life of Chief Owens.”

To reiterate, a spokesman for Donald Trump accused John McCain of demeaning of a U.S. soldier. Presumably, that’s only because Ryan Owens isn’t one of those soldiers who got captured that Trump so famously despises.

Now, I think Spicer makes a great point here. I don’t think there’s anything bizarre, awful, or blindingly stupid about the notion that we should treat any mission in which a U.S. soldier ends up dead as an automatic success.

But it raises the question; why did Donald Trump spend so much of the presidential campaign criticizing the Iraq War and the George W. Bush administration’s handling of it? After all, over four thousand American troops died in what Trump deemed a “disaster” and a “mistake” in order to attack his rival Jeb Bush. Isn’t Trump, then, doing a disservice to their sacrifice by Spicer’s standard?

That’s to say nothing of his criticism of the Barack Obama administration’s handling of the war in Libya, not to mention the attack on the embassy in Benghazi. Didn’t Trump know that American lives were lost, so is Obama, therefore, above reproach for all eternity?

For shame, Mr. Trump, for shame. I expect roughly 4,500 apologies from you to the families of the fallen, personally. Alternatively, you could request just one… from your press secretary to Senator McCain.

Watch above, via C-SPAN.

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