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Bernie Madoff

Poll Finds Donald Sterling Is the Most Hated Man in America

With Fred Phelps Gone, Who Is America’s Most Hated?

Bernie Madoff: ‘Everybody Would Be Better Off’ if Money Stopped Influencing Politics

This Time, It’s Personal: DOJ vs. Rosen Another Ugly Chapter Of Obama vs. Fox

Gingrich: Obama Is As Accurate As Bernie Madoff In What He Says To American People

Matt Lauer Challenges Ruth Madoff Over Attempted Suicide Claim

Martin London’s Letter To Madoff: Every Time You Eat, ‘I Want You To See Your Son’s Corpse Hanging Over Your Table’

Ruth and Bernie Madoff Suicide Attempt: ‘We Decided To Kill Ourselves’

Fox Business Reports On Bernie Madoff’s New Scheme: Trying To ‘Swindle’ The Media

Mets Owner Swings Back Against Trustee Representing Madoff Victims

Bernie Madoff’s Son Found Dead In Apparent Suicide

ABC News: JP Morgan Chase Kept Working With Bernie Madoff, Despite Suspicions

Conservative Bloggers: Obama Way Worse Than McVeigh, Better Than Jimmy Carter

Fox News’ Jonathan Hoenig Calls Social Security A Ponzi Scheme, Network Runs Disclaimer

Rachel Maddow: American Market Is Currently ‘Totally Rigged In Favor Of The Crooks’

Andrea Mitchell Would Like To Know Why The SEC Missed ‘The Whole Maddow Thing’

Poll: Public Five Times More Likely To Forgive Tiger Than John Edwards

Newspaper Rivalry! Daily News Slams NY Post Over Ashley Dupre Column

Time‘s Person Of The Year Finalists: “Chinese Worker,” But No Twitter

Winners and Losers: The Job Market Is Tough Even For Bush And Palin

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