Charles Johnson

Sean Hannity Goes on Incoherent Late-Night Twitter Rant (UPDATED)

NYT’s David Carr Confronts Chuck Johnson over Publishing Addresses of NYT Reporters

MS Attorney General Investigating Blogger for Paying Man to Concoct Vote-Buying Claim

Journalist Accuses GOP Establishment of Helping ‘Kill a Man’ in MS Primary

The Daily Caller Exploits Racism With Susan Rice Black History Attack’s Dana Loesch: Romney ‘Acting Outraged’ Over Aborted Rev. Wright Attack

Right-Wing Blogger: ‘Obama Is Now Leading A Lynch Mob After Zimmerman’

Conservatives Accuse PBS Of ‘Altering’ Jobs Speech Transcript To Cover Up President Obama Gaffe

Rep. Joe Barton On Climategate: Are Scientists “Brainwashing” America?

Who Says Charles Johnson And Andrew Sullivan ‘Jumped Ship?’

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