Some Guy Got So Pissed on a Commercial Flight He Allegedly Took a Monster Leak Into a Seat Back

BREAKING: Active Shooter Situation Reported in Charleston, SC

Politico Says Confederate Flag is Helping Donald Trump

Hotel Tweets Request to Be Removed From Photo Of Church Where Dylann Roof Killed 9 People

Charleston Shooter Was Able to Buy Gun Because of a Clerical Error

South Carolina Sen. Lee Bright Rants Against Gays During Confederate Flag Debate

Charleston Shooter’s Sister Set Up Fundraising Page for Canceled Wedding; Now It’s Gone

‘Fire Truther’ Talks Burning Southern Black Churches on The Nightly Show

Confederate Flag Supporters and Protesters Brawled at the S.C. Statehouse

Huckabee: Obama ‘Has a Wonderful Voice’ but Eulogy Too Political

Awkward Moment Between CNN’s Tapper, Lemon Ends with Lemon Getting Mic Cut

CNN’s Don Lemon Almost Struck Speechless by Obama’s Charleston Eulogy

Obama Addresses Confederate Flag During Charleston Funeral Service

Dylann Roof’s Judge Replaced Following Revelation He Said N-Word in Court

Alabama Governor Quietly Orders Removal of Confederate Flag from Capitol

Stephen Colbert Joined the Charleston Unity March

Racist S. African Group Claims Roof’s Jacket was Photoshopped

Rand Paul and Ted Cruz Quickly Shed White Supremacist’s Donations

White Supremacist Praised by Roof Donated Thousands to Santorum, Cruz, and Paul

DeRay McKesson On #GoHomeDeRay: ‘Racism Is Alive and Well’ In SC

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