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Chris Lane

Mediaite’s Joe Concha On Fox: Media Keeps ‘Scorecard’ for Race-Related Crimes

Touré: Conservatives ‘Damage Conversation’ on Race Linking Trayvon, Lane Murders

Chris Wallace Pushes OK Guv: Why Won’t Obama ‘Speak Out’ on Lane Shooting?

Fox’s Kirsten Powers: Does Jesse Jackson Have to Comment on Every Crime in the Country Now?

MSNBC Guest Heather McGhee Says Fox News Ignoring Antoinette Tuff, But…

Glenn Beck: Media Cared So Much About Trayvon, What About Black-On-White Crime?

Liberal and Conservative Media’s New Gotcha Game: The Race-Crime Scoreboard

Source: Police Eye Gun Store Burglary as Source of Chris Lane Murder Weapon

Rush Limbaugh: I Didn’t ‘Inject Race’ Into Chris Lane Murder–It’s Already There

O’Reilly and Geraldo Take on Chris Lane Murder: ‘I Don’t Think This is a Racial Crime’

Chris Lane Murder Suspect’s Sister on CNN: ‘He’s Never Been a Vicious Person’

The Five Hits MSNBC’s Chris Lane Coverage: ‘Black on White Crime’ Doesn’t Fit Their Agenda

Marc Lamont Hill and CNN Panelist Battle Over Whether Race Being Ignored in Chris Lane Murder

Exclusive: District Attorney Confirms Chris Lane Suspect Did Not Say ‘I Pulled the Trigger’ in Bail Hearing

Fox & Friends Demands Obama Address Lane Shooting: ‘At Least Jesse Jackson Stepped Up’

Michelle Malkin Mows Down Liberal Over Chris Lane Shooting: We Need ‘Gang Control,’ Not ‘Gun Control’

Fox News’ Ed Henry Asks White House About ‘Three African-American’ Suspects In Chris Lane Murder

‘Where’s the Outrage?’: Glenn Beck Claims Chris Lane Story ‘Doesn’t Fit American News Agenda’

MSNBC’s Joy Reid Asks Guests: Why Do Conservatives Want to Make Chris Lane Shooting ‘Racial’?

Kirsten Powers Challenges Bill O’Reilly Over Chris Lane: ‘If Those Kids Didn’t Have a Gun…’

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