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LGBT and Christians Targeted in Islamist Violence in Indonesia

Beck: ‘Sickens Me’ That Christians Are Standing by Trump Given His ‘Piggish Behavior’

Beck: ‘No Real Christian’ Would Be Supporting Trump for President

Poll Finds Fewer Americans Support Religious Freedom for Muslims Than for Christians

Obama Puts Out Christmas Message About Persecuted Christians Around the World

Evangelical College Suspends Christian Professor Who Wore Hijab

Murdoch on Taking in Refugees: Maybe ‘Special Exception for Proven Christians’

Trump Camp Responds to Muslim Question Uproar…

Maher to GOPers: Stop It with the Phony Cries of Christian Persecution Already

Fox’s Kirsten Powers Rips Obama for Being ‘Largely Silent’ on Christian Slaughter

Megyn Kelly: Is Obama Damaging Christian Morale?

Fox’s Bolling: ‘Zero’ People Have Been Killed in the Name of Every Religion But Islam

‘Why Don’t You Stop Whining?’ Hannity, Beckel Battle Muslim Guest over Easter Controversy

Christian Activists Set Up Giant Banner Just So They Can Block Atheist Display

Bill Maher: When Did Christian Values Change From ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ to ‘F*ck Off and Die’?

Rand Paul Defends Assad Gov’t: Islamic Rebels Would ‘Persecute’ Christians

The Daily Show Hilariously Skewers Christians Calling Gay People Intolerant

Joel Osteen Hoax Represents Latest In War On Christianity

Christian Conservative Pearl-Clutchers Get JCPenney To Pull SNL Ads In Light Of ‘Djesus Uncrossed’ Sketch

Bill O’Reilly: Why Aren’t Christian Leaders More Outraged Over The War On Christmas™?

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