Creationist Who Thinks Obama Was a Prostitute Loses Election for TX Board of Education

Report: School Teaches Creationism Using Lesson from Islamic Holocaust-Denying Sex Cultist

Richard Dawkins: ‘Disgraceful’ That GOP Candidates Believe in Creationism

Creationist Asks: If Evolution Is True, Then Is Rape Actually Wrong?

Creationist Says Pat Robertson Is Promoting Paganism, Challenges Him to Debate

Bill Nye to Creationist Critics: ‘You Can Hate Me’ But I’m Right

Bill Nye, Ken Ham Both Declare Victory in Evolution vs. Creationism Debate

‘God Did It’: Funny or Die Unveils the Creationist Answer to Cosmos

Neil deGrasse Tyson Disproves Creationism on Cosmos

Creationist Complains About Fox’s Cosmos: They Refuse to Acknowledge Creationism

Bill Nye Helps Creationist Ken Ham Build Noah’s Ark

Bill Nye, Maher Tear Into Creationism: We Can’t Have ‘Scientifically Illiterate’ Kids

Ken Ham Fires Back at Pat Robertson: ‘Really Sad’ He’s ‘So Misinformed’ About Creationism

Pat Robertson on Creation Debate: ‘Nonsense’ to Think Earth Is Only 6,000 Years Old

Bill Nye, Creationist Ken Ham Square Off in Post-Debate Battle over Evolution, Global Warming

WATCH: Bill Nye the Science Guy Debates Creationist Ken Ham

Bill Nye the Science Guy Debates Creationist Ken Ham

Bill Nye Explains Why He’s Debating Evolution: Creationism ‘Frightens’ Me

Maher Gets Bill Nye to Explain Science to Republicans Like They’re Children

Marco Rubio Unsure How Old The Earth Is, Calls It ‘Dispute Amongst Theologians’

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