criminal justice reform

#WhichHillary Blows Up on Twitter With Challenges of Clinton Flip-Flopping

Oops: Hillary Accidentally Says Presidents Shouldn’t Have to Disclose Criminal History

Obama Issues Executive Order to Combat Job Discrimination For Ex-Offenders

Obama Has ‘Hard Conversation’ About Criminal Justice Reform with Police Chiefs

Obama to Entertainers: Stop Making Jokes About Prison Rape

John Oliver Takes On How Bail Hoses the Poor ‘Regardless of Guilt’

Eric Holder Calls for Criminal Justice Reform in Farewell Address

FBI Hair Analysts Reportedly Gave Faulty Testimony in 95% of Cases, Sentencing 32 to Death

Obama Interviews The Wire Creator About Criminal Justice Reform

Eric Holder: Koch Brothers ‘Should Be Applauded’

Christie to GOP: Reform Drug Sentencing and Be ‘Pro-Life After They Get Out of the Womb’

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