Trevor Noah Shouts Out Brutal Debate Question on Harris’ Criminal Justice Record: Moderator ‘Shanked Kamala in the Yard’


Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah reacted in mock horror at a long and brutally tough question of Sen. Kamala Harris about her criminal justice record at the third 2020 Democratic debate: “The moderator shanked Kamala in the yard.”

Harris, the former California attorney general, has been called out by progressive Democrats for several of her get-tough law enforcement policies while in that office. ABC News moderator Linsey Davis, who is African-American, zeroed in on that criticism in a particularly detailed challenge midway through the debate.

“This wasn’t the most exciting topic,” Noah said of the debate’s discussion of criminal justice reform, “but things got tense when the moderator shanked Kamala in the yard.”

“Also concern for people of color is criminal justice reform,” Davis said at the start of the clip played by Noah. “Senator Harris, you released your plan for that just this week, and it does contradict some of your prior positions. Number one, you used to oppose legalization of marijuana, now you don’t. You used to oppose outside investigation of police shooting, now you don’t. You’ve said you changed on these and other things because you were, quote ‘swimming against the current and thankfully the currents have changed.’ But when you had the power, why didn’t you try to affect change then?”

“Ouch,” Noah replied, cringing at Davis’ takedown. “I didn’t believe in black-on-black crime until now. That question was hard core. Less of a question and more of a public shaming.”

Noah also pointed out Harris’ facial expression of barely concealed contempt as she listened to the question. “That’s the face you make when someone walks into the middle of a staff meeting and just starts reading your browser history., MySpace,” he joked. “Just look at Kamala’s face, it’s like ‘I don’t lock anyone up anymore, but I’m willing to make an exception tonight.'”

Watch the video above, via Comedy Central.

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