Paul Ryan: Bringing Back ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Would Be ‘Step In The Wrong Direction’

New Study Shows ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Repeal Had No Negative Effect On Military Readiness

Top Republican Pollster Advises Party To Embrace Gay Marriage

VP Joe Biden Comes Out In Favor Of Gay Marriage, Name-Drops Will & Grace

Chris Wallace Hits Back: Since Her Attack On 9/11 Widows I Stopped Paying Attention To Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter On Fox News: Chris Wallace Deserved To Be ‘Punched’ For Rick Santorum DADT Debate Question

Gary Johnson Heard The Booing Of Gay Soldier That Rick Santorum Missed At GOP Debate

Rick Santorum On Gay Soldier Booed During Debate: ‘Did Not Hear Those Boos’

Audience Members Of GOP Debate Boo Steven Hill, Gay Soldier Serving In Iraq

Gay Activist Lt. Dan Choi Tweets From Jail After Being Arrested In Moscow Pride March

Robert Gibbs: President Obama ‘Thinks A Lot About’ Gay Marriage

Will President Obama Talk Gay Marriage, DOMA Repeal at State of the Union?

Conservatives4Palin Throw Cold Water on Sarah Palin’s Supposed Twitter Support for Gay Rights

Return Of The Jedi? Jon Stewart Likens Barack Obama To Luke Skywalker

MSNBC’s Cenk Uygur Laughs at GOProud Chairman for Being a Republican

David Brock: The GOP “Exploits Gay People” And “The Fear Of Gay People”

GOP Rep: DADT Repeal Unnecessary, Just Don’t Let Your “Gayness” Interfere With Mission

ABC News’ Jake Tapper To Obama: If Gays Can Die For Our Country Why Can’t They Marry?

Barney Frank Turns DADT Shower Question Around On Conservative Reporter

Ann Coulter Engages In “Utterly Ridiculous” Duel With Red Eye’s Andy Levy Over DADT

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