David Vitter

GOP Senator Uses Footage of Paris Terrorism to Attack Opponent and Obama in Ad

Duck Dynasty Star Appears in Vitter Ad: ‘He’s Made Some Mistakes, But Who Hasn’t?’

‘You’re a Liar!’: There Was Another Debate Last Night, and It Got Way More Personal

Vitter Responds to Dem Ad on Prostitution Scandal: ‘I Failed My Family’

‘Chose Prostitutes Over Patriots’: Louisiana Dem Gets Brutal in Attack Ad

Ohio Pot Legalization and Other Things to Know About Tuesday’s Elections

GOP Sen. Tears Into Colleagues Running for President: Prioritizing ‘Personal Ambition’

GOP Senator’s Ad Warns Democrat Opponent Will Free ‘Dangerous Thugs’

GOP Sen. David Vitter Announces Run for Louisiana Governor

Harry Reid Goes Off on GOP Colleagues: Cruz a ‘Laughing Stock,’ Vitter ‘Not Playing With a Full Deck’

Scathing: Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell Heap Scorn On ‘Therapy’-Seeking Eliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner

Throwing Hayesmakers: Chris Hayes Gleefully Blasts ‘Jackass’ Republicans

Senate Unanimously Approves Sen. David Vitter’s Really Stupid, Possibly Racist Farm Bill Amendment

Poll: Two More Senators Poisoned By ‘No’ Vote On Background Checks, ‘Yes’ Votes Rewarded

Ashleigh Banfield Grills Sen. David Vitter Over Hookers, Compares His Cheating To Newt Gingrich

Maddow Doesn’t Believe ‘Fair Person’ O’Reilly’s Call For Sen. Vitter To Resign

Rachel Maddow Blames Media ‘Partisan Double-Standard’ For Weiner Resignation

Bill O’Reilly: What Bill Clinton And Sen. David Vitter Did Was Worse Than Weiner

Rachel Maddow: Rep. Weiner’s ‘Magic Wand’ Of Resignation Won’t Improve Anything

Exclusive Interview: Kirsten Powers Points Out ‘Predator’ Anthony Weiner’s Misogynist Hypocrisy

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